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Room Deposits

As many know VisionCon is at last back in the Clarion. Rooms are available for reservation at the old prices from the past however, I was informed tonight by a desk clerk at the con that there has been some changes to the room rental rooms. Due to the damages that have been caused by some con-goers there will now be a mandatory $250.00 deposit required of ALL rooms reserved by people attending the con. This does not just apply to room parties.

You must either provide $250.00 in cash upon check in or had a credit card with $250.00 available credit that they can place a hold on. I was informed that there will be no exceptions to this rule though I'm going to try calling the hotel manager tomorrow during business hours to see if there will be any for people who have a record of staying at the hotel in the past that there is a record of "incident free" rooms such as myself.
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