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visioncon's Journal

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This Community was created for all patrons and interested parties of VisionCon Springfield to post and talk about the events of VisionCon and to just have fun!

Feel free to advertise your booth in the dealers room, room parties, games you'll be running, and other events at Con. Post pictures and stories and keep in touch with old and new friends.

Community Rules:
1. Be polite to other members.
2. Please put very long or posts with more than one picture behind a cut.
3. Please do not make posts advertising your online auction, or other conventiions without previous permission from the moderator.
4. Keep legality in mind! If you post pictures of questionable content (like those of the Infamous Strip Club 2004 for example) you do so at your own risk.

and most importantly...

4. DO NOT use this forum to bash the conventions managers, performers, guests, or vendors. If you have a problem with something that was/is/will be at the con, you need to take it up with members of the con management.